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Education - CPE/CPD series:
Investment Training Programs for Unit Trust Consultants, Financial Planners and Advisors marketing unit trusts:
+ Power Concept$ - For Investing Wisely
+ Dollar Cost Averaging - "A Winner's Strategy or Loser's Trap"
+ Managing your unit trust portfolio well at all times
+ The Investment Plan is your blueprint for success - how you can sleep well and accumulate wealth
Marketing Programs for Unit Trust Consultants, Insurance Agents and Anyone marketing financial products and services:
+ How to market financial products and services effectively
+ Marketing your way to success
NEW! POWER CONCEPT$ 2 - "Positioning: Turning Fear Into Profits - How you can sleep well and accumulate wealth"

Power Concept$ 2 is now published and is available from the 15 March 2012 onwards at all major bookstores in Malaysia at RM45 per copy or collect your copy at the office of CTLA at a discount of RM5 per copy. See PREFACE, REVIEWS and summary of BOOK CONTENTS.
Attention: Young EPF Contributors.

You now have the opportunity to increase your retirement fund substantially ONLY if you follow a proper plan to invest your eligible EPF funds wisely. Our licensed financial planners can help you achieve your retirement goals at no extra costs than the 3% commission rates allowable under the EPF scheme. Call now and talk to us at 03-7806 1422. Read more...
Book by Mike Lee, CFP, RFP
- Truth About Unit Trust
- Investment Concepts
- Investment Strategies
- Child Education Planning
- Retirement Planning
- Decision Making Process
- Personal Finance and
- Managing Your Financial

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"The Making of the Good Consultant" by Mike Lee
is described as "A Picture Worth A Thousand Words"
(why you do not need to over-talk and under-sell a must-have workbook for unit trust consultants and financial planners)


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Contents approx. 180 pages:
- Time Value of Money
- Cash Is King (Regular Savings)
- Don't Rent Your Money; Invest For
- Asset Allocation Balancing Risk-Return
- Maximizing Returns using EPF Funds
- How does Dollar Cost Averaging works
- Are Distributions & Unit Splits
- Investment Strategies for Child
- Investment Strategies for Retirement
- Understanding the Marketing Function
- Understanding Basic Economic
- Accounting Ratios for Investments
- How does Single Pricing Works

Corporate Talks

We provide free educational talks to companies who are keen to educate their employees about personal finance so that they can manage their own finances properly. We believe that when employees can manage their finances better, they will bring less problems to the working place, hence, increasing productivity.

Why not include our free program into your own? Add this to your employees' benefits to show that you care. Call 03-7806 1422 or Mike Lee at 019-2236 208


Free Educational Talks

We also conduct free educational talks for our investors and the public.

This series of talks about personal finance and financial planning have been endorsed by the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) for CPD hours. Each 1-hour talk qualifies for 1 CPD hour for RFP designees.


Write a Will or Trust?

If you plan to write a will, let our planners help you. We can give you advice that an ordinary will writer may not be able to do so. We look deeper into your needs to ensure that your will is complete to protect your interests. Call our Business Unit (Wills) at 03-7806 1422 or Elizabeth Young at 019-2329 388

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Investment in Unit Trusts
+   Invest in the Plan, Not Products
+   Managing your unit trust portfolio well at all times
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"The Making of the Good Consultant"
- by
Mike Lee